Pub Date:24 May 2013
Imprint:Random House India
Format:B format
Subject:Business & Economics
How Can I Help You ?: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Customer Service
Debashis Sarkar
Rs.  299
Customer is king. With rising consumer awareness and cut-throat competition, it is important to provide services which are differentiable and memorable for the consumer. With a ring side view to customer service, Debashis Sarkar—author, thought leader, and practitioner, who has held leadership positions with Unilever, Coca Cola, ICICI Bank, and now Standard Chartered— shares valuable observations about customer service excellence. How Can I Help You? hands you the strategies and tactics to retain and nurture your customers by laying down the five major pitfalls to be sidestepped while dealing with customer service. Richly illustrated with case studies and examples, this book is an essential read for every modern professional.
The Author

Debashis Sarkar

"A bestselling author, thought-leader, columnist, American Society of Quality (ASQ) fellow, soughtafter- speaker, and coach"