Pub Date:11 May 2012
Imprint:Random House India
Format:B format
Subject:Business & Economics
The New Age Entrepreneurs
Various Authors
Rs.  199
Have you wondered what goes on in the heads of entrepreneurs? What makes them tick? The New Age Entrepreneurs provides a peek into the lives of thirty successful entrepreneurs—including N.R. Panicker of Accel Ltd, Ramachandra Galla of Amaron, and M. Murali of Sri Krishna Sweets—who established flourishing businesses borne out of innovative ideas. These trailblazers delved into diverse industries, ranging from information technology to luxury hotels and Indian sweets. With snappy, insightful, and motivating tales—interspersed with interviews and vivid profiles—The New Age Entrepreneurs is a collection of vignettes of men who made their own rules and set standards for the rest of the industry to follow.
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Various Authors

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