About Allan Pease

Known internationally as 'Mr. Body Language' for almost four decades since his definitive book with the same title became a multi-million seller and the communication bible for organisations worldwide.

His keynote addresses, books, videos and audio programs, TV shows and advice on personal image are sought after by everyone from business executives and Prime Ministers, to TV presenters, Royalty and Rock Stars. His sales and communication systems have grown companies from one man bands to multi-nationals. Allan teaches your audience how to become great communicators and to win more business and he makes them cry with laughter at the same time!

Allan Pease
  • 9 No.1 Bestsellers
  • 15 'Top Ten' Bestsellers
  • Works translated into 51 languages
  • Sold in over 100 countries
  • Over 25 million books sold
  • Seminars in 55 countries

100 Million Viewers TV series and #1 Box Office movie

Presenting vital information in the humorous manner that we have all come to associate with Allan, is the key to his success in getting the audience to retain what they have been taught at Allan's sessions. His presentations are talked about long after the dust has settled at the end of each conference.

With over 30 years' experience as a speaker, Allan is the consummate professional, ensuring that your event is a huge success. He prepares well for each event; researching background information from the organiser, speaking with the clients and planning his presentation based on the clients objectives for the event.

If you want to make your event a spectacular success and have your delegates come away inspired and raring to go, you can't go past Allan Pease!

Presentation Topics

Communicating For Results
(Based on the No.1 Best-Selling book - over 12 million copies sold in 50 languages)
  • What men & women need to do to get on in business
  • Why men don't listen and women can't read maps
  • How to avoid arguments, disagreements and conflicts
  • How to get co-operation and gain credibility
  • How to get the opposite sex to say 'yes'

It's Not What You Say... Body Language
(Based on the No.1 Best-Selling book - over 6 million copies sold in 40 languages)
  • How to spot if someone is lying or hedging
  • Why men can never lie to women
  • Sales and negotiation - reading across the table
  • How to develop instant rapport and co-operation
  • How to read between the lines of what is said

Questions Are the Answers
(Based on the Best-Selling book - over 1.2 million copies sold in 30 languages)
  • How to get interest and keep attention
  • How to motivate others to WANT to join your cause
  • How to give a powerful presentation
  • Why the law of averages works
  • How to use questions effectively